2-7 June 2016
Auditorium Maximum
Europe/Warsaw timezone
14th International Workshop on Meson Production, Properties and Interaction
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Contribution plenary talk

Auditorium Maximum - Medium lecture hall (A,B)

Overview of the status/results in the exotics sector


  • Chengping SHEN

Primary authors

Abstract content

Exotic hadronic states with other configurations have been searched for and many candidates were proposed including glueballs, hybrids, multi-quark states, and hadron molecules. Since a proton and a neutron can be bounded to form a deuteron, it is also believed that other states beyond the quark model must exist. Dramatic progress was made in the study of the exotic states after the discovery of the $X(3872)$. In my this review report, I present the most recent results on the study of the $XYZ$ states from the BESIII, Belle, LHCb, D0 experiments, and so on. Meanwhile, I also show some possible theoretical explanations for them.