2-7 June 2016
Auditorium Maximum
Europe/Warsaw timezone
14th International Workshop on Meson Production, Properties and Interaction
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Contribution plenary talk

Auditorium Maximum - Medium lecture hall (A,B)

The antiproton physics program of the $\mathbf{\bar{P}}$ANDA experiment



Abstract content

The understanding of the QCD in the non perturbative regime, is one of the key issue to have a complete picture of the strong interactions. Recent findings of new and unexpected resonances, with unresolved properties, show that the hadron spectrum is not yet completely understood. This is also underlined by the ongoing discussion on multi-quark states, and on other exotic states with gluonic degrees of freedom.

The $\bar{P}$ANDA experiment, one of the biggest enterprises at the FAIR facility, aims at exploring this field thanks to the gluon rich environment offered by antiproton annihilations.

The a general overview of the $\bar{P}$ANDA physics program will be given in the talk.